Statement released by Pioneer Flower in St.Catharines


The company that owns the site of a massive fire in St.Catharines has released an official statement.

Pioneer Flower Farms – Statement

At approximately 11:00 pm on Friday, August 16, 2019, a devastating fire erupted on the premises of  Pioneer Flower Farms in St. Catharines, ON.  While largely contained, firefighters continue to extinguish smoldering areas.  

The safety of our employees and the community is our top priority; while we can confirm that no one was injured during this incident, business and personal losses have occurred.  We are saddened by this tragedy and are committed to supporting our workers (both local and migrant) through their losses and with continuity of employment.

We are cooperating fully with local officials to determine the causeof the fire, and will share more details as they are available.

We want to thank the first responders from multiple municipalities.  St. Catharines Fire Department remains on site to insure the safety of the community.  Additionally, we want to thank the community and local business partners for their outpouring of support.  While we have not specifically requested donations, generous donations of clothing and other supplies have been received on behalf of our migrant workforce.  For those interested in future donations please drop them off at 318 Ontario Street in St. Catharines and Hernder’s Winery on 8th Avenue in St. Catharines.