Stretch of 401 in Kingston still closed after a pair of chain reaction crashes

A stretch of Highway 401 through eastern Ontario remains closed this morning following weather-related collisions that left one person dead, 28 people injured and officials scrambling to contain a chemical spill.

Ontario Provincial Police say there were two collisions on the highway near Kingston yesterday afternoon around 2:00 that are blamed on wind-whipped snow and slick roads.

Const. Sandra Barr says the first collision involved five tractor trailers and a car.

The second collision, also in the westbound lanes and about one kilometre away, involved seven tractor trailers and three vehicles.
Multiple chain reaction crashes then followed the initial collisions.

One of the transport trucks involved leaked a toxic substance, identified as flurosilicic, and its driver later died in hospital.
Kingston General Hospital said 29 people were treated there after the collisions, including the one fatality.

13 first responders have undergone decontamination treatment.