Striking workers in Niagara Falls plan Women's March

Striking Rainforest Cafe workers in Niagara Falls are stepping up their job action.

The workers will take part in a Women's March on Clifton Hill Saturday beginning at 3 p.m. in front of the restaurant.

The march comes just as the busy tourist season kicks off this long weekend.

Workers have been on strike for over a month as they seek their first contract since unionizing.

One of the main issues is the alleged mistreatment of female employees including sexual harassment claims involving a former male employee accused of inappropriately touching female co-workers. 

The company that owns the eaterie, Canadian Niagara Hotels, says it fired the male employee after HR reviewed video surveillance of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Federation of Labour has launched a boycott of all Canadian Niagara Hotels properties until the company sits down to bargain.