Study finds patients are undergoing unnecessary medical tests

A new report suggests nearly a third of Canadian patients might be undergoing testing that's not necessary to diagnose or treat their health conditions.
The study from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, published Thursday, examined eight specific types of treatment by drawing on data from across the country.
Based on that data, the institute says it estimates up to 30 per cent of low-risk patients are undergoing potentially needless medical tests.
The report was prepared in partnership with Choosing Wisely Canada, a clinician-led movement advocating for reductions in procedures that put a strain on the health care system and can lead to patient harm.
Since its inception two years ago, the CWC has identified about 200 areas in which they say patients are undergoing excessive or needless testing.
The Canadian Institute for Health Information says the report, coupled with CWC's recommendations, should make patients reconsider the notion that more screening is always best.

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