Summer Games organizers looking ahead to the construction phase


Now that the provincial government has confirmed their $29 million contribution to the 2021 Canada Games in Niagara, organizers are eager to get construction underway.

There was concern that some supporting documents were missing when the province submitted a letter to the federal government on Friday requesting joint funding for the Games under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

Chair of the Games Doug Hamilton says that's a non-issue and that all applications and paperwork have been submitted on time.

Hamilton says while waiting for funding approval, organizers took the initiative to complete detailed design work and prepare construction documents. 

There are about 10 projects planned with that $99 million of total funding, the most notable being the Canada Games Park.

Hamilton says about 90% of the funding is allocated to this massive project adjacent to Brock University in Thorold.

Going forward, the 2021 Summer Games organizers will select a construction company from a pool of 6 pre-qualified bidders.

The selection process is expected to begin in early-September, with construction hopefully getting underway late-October or early-November.