SUNSHINE LIST: Niagara's top paid public employee was.....

The annual Sunshine List of Ontario's top earning public employees has grown by 7%.

Last year over 123,000 people were paid more than $100,000.

Ontario Power Generation CEO Jeffrey Lyash tops the list at $1,155,899.

Dr. Thomas Stewart was Niagara's top earner in 2016.

Stewart who is Chief of Staff at Niagara Health earned $421,740.00 last year.

Other notable mentions include:

Dr. Suhas Joshi
Director, Pathology
Niagara Health

Daniel Patterson
Niagara College

Suzanne Johnston
Niagara Health

Dr. Michael Brennan
Associate Director
Niagara Health

Jack Lightstone
Brock University

Jeffrey Mcguire
Chief of Police
Niagara Regional Police