Swoop customers grounded after cancelled flights

CKTB News- Swoop

Dozens of travellers have been left stranded and angry after Swoop cancelled 11 flights out of Hamilton's airport last night.

The airline cited “Unscheduled aircraft maintenance” for the cancellation.

The impacted travelers learned the news only after arriving to the airport or via email. However they were unable to contact the airline as customer service is closed over the weekend. 

Angry travellers have taken to social media. Some saying their vacations have been ruined while others saying family members are in need of heart medication and this delay puts their well being in danger.

Swoop airlines issuing a statement saying “First and foremost we’d like to apologize.” They say they are “working around the clock to re-book impacted travelers on the next available swoop flight”.

The airline followed up with a statement saying the maintenance was unrelated to the delayed flight to Vegas last week.

They say affected travellers will be provided with accommodation, meals, and transportation as needed and those that wished to cancel can do so for a full refund.