Taylor Swift helps University of Waterloo student with a $6000 donation


Taylor Swift is helping a University of Waterloo student achieve her dreams with a $6000 donation.

Longtime fan Ayesha Khurram, who is going into her second year for Accounting, says she couldn't stop crying when she received the notification that $6300 had been deposited into her account.

The diehard fan of the pop superstar has been connected with Swift online and met her backstage last year at her Toronto show.

She went public with her financial troubles online, and then received the news hours later that a donation came from Taylor Nation, the organization that helps the pop star handle merchandise. 

Beneath the donation was the comment, "Ayesha, get your learn on, girl.  I love you, Taylor."

Khurram and her family moved to Canada from Pakistan in 2016.

Thanks to Swift, Khurram said she will be starting her second year in the Accounting and Financial Management program at the University of Waterloo this fall.

As for her third year of school, Khurram tells our brother station in Toronto Newstalk 1010 she will be working for a semester as part of her co-op program, which will make her financial situation a “bit easier

She says "I can't stop crying."