The cost of a driver's test going up

The Ontario Conservative's giving drivers a heads up another fee hike is on the way.

The Tories sending out a release saying the Wynne Liberals have quietly snuck in a regulation that will make drivers’ license tests more expensive starting on Canada Day.

 Everyone writing driving exams, including first-time drivers, hoping to get a G1 license, will play $23.25 starting July 1.

The Conservative's noting this represents a roughly 133 percent fee hike since Kathleen Wynne became Premier in 2013.

 On top of that, the cost of drivers’ road tests from Class A to F,  will increase to $96.75, which reprsents a 29 percent increase since 2013.

PC Leader Patrick Brown says  “It’s appalling they chose Canada’s 150th anniversary to increase these drivers’ fees, and we can only guess they did it quietly because they wanted nobody to notice.”
Last September, vehicle sticker renewal fees for licence plates climbed to $120.