The latest on high water levels in Lake Ontario

City crews in St.Catharines have started to prepare for flooding along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

The east pier in Port Dalhousie has been closed due to high water levels.

Temporary fencing was installed yesterday along the pier by the Dalhousie Yacht Club, and officials say the fencing will stay up until levels return to normal.

In 2017, water levels reached historic highs and resulted in the flooding of Lakeside Park, and a delay in the opening of the Carousel.

Jacob Bruxer from the International Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Board says we are approaching flooding levels we experienced in 2017.

We are just a few centimetres away from those levels, and water levels continue to rise.

Right now Lake Ontario levels are 14 centimetres below where we were at this time of year in 2017, and 38 centimetres away from peak flooding levels we started to see on May 25th 2017.

He says the next few weeks are critical, and we should be ok if we don't get wet, stormy weather.

Water management officials say it's not just more rain they are worried about, it's high winds which can also lead to flooding.

He says the areas of concern include Port Dalhousie, and Jordan Harbour.

Lake Ontario gets the vast majority of its water from Lake Erie via the Niagara River

Lake Erie is also seeing record levels that haven't been seen since the 1918.