Therapy sessions are fun for 10 year old Niagara boy living with lesion in brain

Almost two years ago, Matthew Sacco learned that a large lesion pushing on his brain was causing him to lose control of his right side.

Since moving to Niagara, the talkative ten year old has been going to occupational therapy at the Niagara Children's Centre, which can include anything from basketball to peeling carrots.

"They help a lot of kids in need, like if they have a disability they are probably doing things that make them forget and they'll think they don't have a disability, they'll just be having fun."

Matthew has had so much success in therapy that he even tried out for his school's volleyball, soccer, and basketball teams this year.

We have just passed the midway point of Help Kids Shine; a crucial fundraiser for the centre providing assistance for kids with physical, developmental and communicative challenges.

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So far more than $98,000 has been raised.

Some programs and services rely entirely on community support.