They destroyed Ontario's Autism Program and we won't stop fighting: Autism Coalition

The Ontario government has destroyed the Autism program and now they are trying to download the costs to schools.

That's the comment from the President of the Ontario Autism Coalition, Laura Kirby-McIntosh on the PC's plan to support children with autism entering schools for the first time.

School boards will get an average of $12,300 for each new student with autism starting this spring when the new program kicks in April 1st.

Since the government is now funding each child with autism, instead of funding programs, it's believed many families will send their high-needs child to school because they can't afford to continue a therapy-based setting.

Kirby-McIntosh tells CKTB's Tim Denis this isn't an efficient way of spending tax dollars and there is enough money to provide adequate therapy programs.

She says she still is puzzled why the PC's "came for our kids and came hard."

Kirby-McIntosh says what the government failed to understand is that parents and support workers of children with autism are relentless and they won't stop until the government calls them back to the table, admits their mistake, and starts over.