This pamphlet can save lives, so why isn't it offered at Niagara's ERs?

A Niagara Falls man is hoping his personal experience of trying to help a friend struggling with addiction will save others from the frustration he's felt.

Michael Brzozowski tells CKTB finding the right information at the right time can be difficult and he's hoping Niagara Health will consider making a pamphlet available in ER's.

Brzozowski has spent the last two weeks helping a friend who has been in and out of hospitals in the region struggling with drug and mental health issues.

He says people who go to the hospital need more resources, especially if they end up leaving the ER before being seen by a medical professional.

Brzozowski says even though he went to various ER's and asked nurses for help or contact information, it was his father who brought home a pamphlet which included the information he needed at the right time.

He is wondering why ER's are not equipped with the pamphlets saying it could mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

Niagara Health says the ER's do have information available and they work closely with Mental Health and Addictions agencies to ensure people get the information they need.

Below is a statement from Niagara Health:

“We are sorry to hear this individual is disappointed in his experience. We work closely with our Mental Health and Addictions partners to ensure people are connected with the right organizations. The healthcare team in our Emergency Departments do provide contact information for Mental Health and Addictions services in the community, and we also make this information readily available on our website. We encourage this individual to please contact our Patient Relations team to discuss his concerns at 905-378-4647, ext. 44423 or”