Thorold councillor gets police escort

A Thorold city councillor who refused to stop talking ended up being escorted out of council chambers by police.

It all began when Councillor Jim Handley asked a question last night on behalf of an individual who had purchased some land in the city but had yet to be given a numeric address for the property.

Handley was told until a building goes up on the site, no address is given.

But Handley questioned what would happen if someone suffered a medical event on an unnumbered property and had to call 911, they would be unable to provide an address.

Despite the explanation and a call to excuse himself from council chambers, Handley refused to leave, prompting the mayor to threaten to call police.

Handley replied go ahead, and that's exactly what Mayor Ted Luciani did.

Four officers arrived and escorted the councillor out of the building.


(Handley begins to speak at 1:04.27)