Total cost of 2018 NPCA board of directors less than previous year

It's an improvement over 2017's figures but the 2018 board of directors for the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority still managed to cost taxpayers $60,987.76. 

With an income totalling $19,321.89 Board Chair Sandy Annunziata claimed the highest amount of the NPCA's payout to board members.   

His remuneration included a chair's honorarium of $6,891.52 for 95 meetings and additional expenses of $12,430.37, just over $5,000 of that was mileage. 

It is an improvement over what Annunziata expensed in 2017, when he attended 145 meetings and had a total income of $25,000. 

Hamilton's James Kaspersetz who received an honorarium of $995.61 for serving as the board's vice chair had a total income for 2018 of $11,075.87 for 77 meetings. 

Rounding out the top three was Grimsby's Tony Quirk who attended 76 meetings and whose total income was $7,789.30 

In 2017 board members racked up a total $83,785.37 in costs.

In her September 2018 report, Provincial Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk was critical of NPCA Board Members getting involved in operational issues.

In 2018, according to its website, the NPCA held eight  board meetings, three special meetings and an annual general meeting.