Trying to restore Harriet Tubman's church in St. Catharines

The Salem Chapel's restoration has hit a snag - they can't find a contractor.

Rochelle Bush tells CKTB they're looking for a firm to work on the British Methodist Episcopal Church on Geneva St. in St. Catharines.

Bush, a trustee and Church Historian at the BME Church, Salem Chapel says thanks to media, people are reaching out now to help, but the work should have done last summer. 

Bush says they've had a couple of people lined up to do the work, but they abandoned them.

She says the priority is the cable wire in the attic.

The balcony is cracking, she believes from the Geneva Street traffic, but with the construction of the police station she's worried the vibrations will make it worse. 

She's hoping the reconstruction can keep the church looking the way it always been, but firms that have come in have tried to suggest their own look. 

Bush says they're hoping to keep construction on the church  local. 

The GoFundMe page has raised nearly $80,000, and Bush says that should cover the cost of the cable wire and fixing the awning. 

The BME church is nearly 170 years old, and is known for being the church Harriet Tubman worshipped at.