Two horses in the race for Niagara Regional Chair

There are now two horses in the race.

After months of speculation we now know that Jim Bradley is running for Niagara Regional Chair alongside a political newcomer.

Bradley joining  CKTB's Tom McConnell saying this wasn't his intention but he received overwhelming support to run for the job and he will allow his name to stand on the ballot at least.

The long-time former MPP for St.Catharines who was elected a Regional Councillor will put his name on the ballot Thursday when the chair is appointed.

Rob Foster, newly elected Regional Councillor in Lincoln has also announced he's running for the position.

Foster, who says he made up his mind to run last week says he's received a variety of positive feedback on his decision from a number of elected councillors. 

Speaking to CKTB's Larry Fedoruk, Foster said "no matter who the leader of this council is,  you're going to find a council that works together to solve the problems,  it's not going to be a small group dictating how everybody should be following the lead within the region."