Unsecured loads carrying major consequences

Police are reminding everyone to make sure all loads are secure after dealing with another mattress on the QEW.

No injuries are being reported from this morning's incident on the QEW Fort Erie bound, but with many students returning to campus this weekend OPP Constable Lauren Ball reminds motorists failing to tie down loose items isn't just dangerous, it could be expensive as well.

"It's traffic ticket under the Highway Traffic Act - so a regular vehicle like a car or truck would be a $160 fine. A commercial vehicle is higher."

This reminder comes following two other incidents in the Niagara Region; a Fort Erie man lost his life in July when an unsecured mattress caused a collision.

"It doesn't happen too often when there is a fatality, but obviously it can happen as we saw in July. We also had one earlier this week when a mattress became dislodged and the vehicle that struck it caught on fire," Ball says. "Luckily no one was injured in that incident, but it can be fatal and people need to be careful when transporting these items around that they are properly secured."