UPDATE | City investigating $28,000 water bill in St.Catharines

We have an update on a story we brought you yesterday about a St.Catharines woman who is facing a $28,000 water bill.

Carmen Bedard received a note in her mailbox last week saying that her water consumption was sky high and she was asked to call the city.

City officials telling her that there must be leak on her property.

Bedard says she checked and there was no leak.

She thinks the water meter is faulty since her normal water bill is around $140 for every four months and she lives in a small home.

Revenue Manager with the city of St.Catharines, Lisa Reid tells CKTB they are aware of the situation and city crews are heading out to Bedard's home this afternoon.

She says they will check for leaks and test the meter.

If the meter is defective, the city will cover the cost of replacing it since it is city owned.

Reid says if there is leak, the city has a consideration program which homeowners can apply for.

The city can write off the city's portion (37 percent) of water usage on Bedard's bill, so in this case around $10,000.

Bedard would still be facing a $17,700 bill.

Reid is not aware of whether Bedard can ask the region to wave any of their costs.

Reid says she has seen this previously and a toilet leak can cost quite a lot of money.

She says this is definitely high, but not unheard of.

CKTB will update you on the outcome of today's visit by the city.

Reid says if homeowners are ever worried that their meters are malfunctioning, they can pay for a bench test which ensures the meter is accurate.

That will cost the homeowner $96.75.

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