UPDATE: Niagara Catholic Board and union wrap up marathon bargaining session without a deal

After more than 24 hours of continuous bargaining between the union representing Niagara Elementary teachers and the Catholic Board both sides are taking a break.

The Niagara Unit of the OECTA informing CKTB News that the mediator concluded this session of bargaining.

The next collective bargaining meeting date has been set for Wednesday, March 15th. 

The union says in a statement that they continue to work towards a fair negotiated settlement.

Today marked the second day of negotiations between the Niagara Catholic School board and the union.

The board announced last week it would be locking out the teachers starting Monday March 20th if the two sides couldn't reach a deal.

The two sides have been in collective agreement negotiations since February of last year.

Both sides are sitting down with a provincially appointed mediator today.

They were also at the bargaining table yesterday.

Chair of Niagara Catholic District School Board, Father Paul MacNeil tells CKTB they are hopeful a deal can be reached.

In a release, the Niagara Unit of the OECTA says the lock-out notice shows a lack of respect for students and teachers.

The board says schools will remain open in the event of a lock out, but they are suggesting parents look for alternate childcare arrangements.

None of the outstanding issues between the two sides involve salary.