UPDATE | Port Weller area residents want action on clinker dust

A St. Catharines councillor assuring residents living near Port Weller the city is taking their concerns seriously over clinker dust from the nearby Marine Terminal.

Grantham ward councillor Bill Phillips tells CKTB news, a ward meeting was held last week to discuss the issue with residents who are concerned for their health when the dust becomes airborne settling on their houses and cars.

The clinker dust  is used to make Portland cement, and the issue involves the movement of the dust when it is taken from ships and then loaded onto trucks for transport to a concrete company in Woodstock.

Phillips notes while the city is concerned, the property is owned by the Seaway Authority and is federal land, so city bylaws do not apply.

But he adds they have made the  province aware of  resident's concerns and the province will be conducting further air quality testing.

He says the vice president of the company that loads and transports the dust, Quebec Stevedoring Co. Ltd, has told the city it has done everything it can to mitigate the problem, including watering it down so it doesn't blow.