UPDATE | Wind warning continues for Niagara as residents deal with power outages and fallen trees

A wind warning continues for Niagara as residents continue to deal with power outages and fallen tree branches.

Environment Canada's Geoff Coulson telling CKTB this is round two of the spring storm that brought rain overnight.

He says now we are dealing with cooler air and very strong winds.

He says wind gusts in Niagara have been recorded at and slightly above 90 km/hr and high winds will continue through the afternoon.

He says damage to buildings, such as to roof shingles and windows, may occur.

Loose objects may be tossed by the wind and cause injury or damage.

Wind warnings are issued when there is a significant risk of damaging winds.

Coulson says the winds will calm down late this evening.

He says we are also seeing a mix of precipitation as the temperature falls with some areas in Niagara seeing hail, snow and freezing rain.

Several issues have been reported in Niagara during the storm, including power outages in Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne.

Fallen trees are also an issue.

Crews are removing a tree blocking Fitch St between Westdale and Prince Charles Drive in Welland.