Victims of theft in Niagara can browse Pawnbrokers to see if they can find their stolen items


If you were a victim of theft in Niagara, and want to see if your stolen items ended up at the pawn shop, police are giving you that chance.

Arrangements have been made to allow Niagara Pawnbrokers in Niagara Falls to temporarily reopen to allow members of the public to retrieve their items between August 26th to September 9th.

Police busted Niagara Pawnbrokers in May arresting three people.

All three accused are known to have connections to the pawn industry in Brampton, Hamilton and Toronto.

Police found $30,000 worth of property believed to be stolen including jewelry, power tools, bikes, and electronics.

The seized property is believed to have been stolen from thefts and break and enters from around the Niagara Region.

Detectives also seized in excess of $40,000 in currency believed to be proceeds of crime.

Inquiries relating to the stolen property in this investigation can be directed to 905-688-4111 extension 9564 or by email to

42 year old Hai Tran of Brampton, 64 year old Tai Nguyen of Niagara Falls, and 63 year old Dao Kim Nguyen of Niagara Falls are facing charges.