Voters voice delight and despair on CKTB

Reaction is pouring in following last night's Ontario election.

People expressing their delight and despair following the PC majority victory crowing Leader Doug Ford Premier of the province.

CKTB's Tom McConnell opening the phone lines on his program which can be heard in Niagara, and London asking voters how they feel.

One woman from Port Colborne says since she lives in a rural riding she expected to wake up with a PC MPP but she was very impressed to see that NDP Jeff Burch was elected.

She says she is a bit concerned that it will be difficult for local projects to move ahead given the PC majority government.

Another caller blasted the people of Niagara for voting in three NDP MPP's.

He says "For God's sake what were you people thinking voting NDP, this is a government that doesn't even believe in corporate tax cutes. You can't elect a radical government, it just won't work."

Another PC supporter says he is delighted the Tories were successful but he is very concerned about the leader, calling Doug Ford -- Doug Fraud.

He says if Christine Elliott or Vic Fedeli were leading the party he would feel much more comfortable.

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