Votes have been cast in favour of ONE United Way in Niagara

Another step forward in the merger of three United Ways in Niagara.

The United Way was operating three independent organizations in the region – St. Catharines and District, South Niagara, and Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie.

A vote was held in Niagara Falls last night for members in Niagara Falls and Fort Erie on the merger proposal and the idea received the green light.

The idea to amalgamate started last year when the three United Ways came together to form a steering committee that was tasked to develop recommendations on how to merge the three organizations.

Campaign Chair of the United Way St. Catharines & District Sean Simpson tells CKTB work will begin soon to recruit directors who can represent all three areas.

In 2016/17, the three United Ways combined raised over $5.2 million.

“Poverty does not know boundaries,” said Peter Partridge, president of the United Way of St. Catharines and District, “and a broader vision of a single United Way in the Niagara Region will result in ensuring that funding goes to those most in need”.