Wainfleet residents fight urbanization

Residents of Wainfleet will not stand by and watch urbanization slink into their rural neighbourhoods.

That's the message from a group of concerned residents planning a public meeting on a Facebook page called 'Save Wainfleet, Let's Take Back Our Township.'

The group  has already taken the planned Lakewood Beach condo development to the Ontario Municipal Board. 

Organizer Lee Bott says there are hazards in that area that some people may not be prepared for.

"That lake is unforgiving; I've lived through several lake storms. That property has been flooded so many times - I've sat and watched the waves come over that hill and I've watched homes get tossed over the hill into the lake."

Bott also says the people of Wainfleet are deeply concerned about maintaining their rural way of life.

"A country lifestyle is respecting the environment, nature, and it's not putting an urban development in this area. We don't have water and sewer - we don't want water and sewer! We're fine with our wells and cisterns and septic systems. We're fine with that."

The public meeting is happening on August 29th starting at 7 p.m. at Brethren in Christ Church.