War of words between TV reporter and Toronto police

A war of words has erupted between Toronto police and a broadcast journalist who claims she was pulled over because she is black.

Marci Ien, a co-host for CTV's ``The Social,'' wrote an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail this week alleging racism played a role in her traffic stop outside her home the third such incident, she says, in the past eight months.

Yet senior Toronto police officers have taken to social media to dispute her version of events, saying video shows Ien failed to stop at a stop sign and that her race wasn't visible until after the officer pulled her over.

Ien says she had just driven into her driveway after dropping off her daughter at her sister's house when a police cruiser with its lights flashing pulled in behind her.

She says she got out and was yelled at by the officer to return to her car and was later given a warning, not a ticket by the officer.

Ien did not immediately respond to a request for comment on what police have said about the incident.