WATCH | Are horse-drawn carriages in Niagara-on-the-Lake dangerous?

The debate over horse-drawn carriages in Niagara-on-the-Lake is back.

A group called "At War For Animals Niagara" claims that operators of the carriages are making dangerous traffic violations which put animals, pedestrians, and drivers at risk.

They have released videos on Youtube.

Founder of the group, Adam Stirr who has been outspoken about ending the practice of the business in the old town says they have handed over footage of violations to police and it's up to the NRP to investigate.

Stirr says horse-drawn carriage rides offer very little benefit to humans and it's not ethical.

He calls the practice animal abuse.

He says there will be many protests over the next few months to call for an end to the practice, he says while the protests will be peaceful they will be more creative and original.

Major cities across Canada have made moves to ban horse-drawn carriages including Toronto, and Montreal.

The carriages will be banned in Montreal by 2020.