WATCH | Man walking dog at 2am tries opening car doors in Grimsby

A Grimsby resident is sharing security footage of a man trying to get into her locked car overnight in the hopes of alerting other residents.

Wendy Murray-Nicholson tells CKTB the incident happened at 1:55am this week and was caught on her security camera.

Murray-Nicholson who lives in the Hazelwood Avenue area shared the video of a man walking his dog with a flashlight trying to open her vehicles' doors.

The local real estate agent is encouraging residents to lock your doors saying you never know who is lurking around your home during the night.

She says this is the second time this has happened, but last time it was a person on a scooter checking to see if car doors were locked.

Murray-Nicholson says this incident surprised her given the fact the man was walking a dog and seemed so causal walking up her driveway.

Niagara Regional Police encourage residents to lock vehicles, and homes before heading to bed.