WATCH: Welcome to Canada video released by NRP

Niagara Regional Police have created a video aimed at Arabic-speaking newcomers to Canada.

It's called "Welcome to Canada."
The Niagara Regional Police Service Video Unit in partnership with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and Halton Police saying they are proud to release the video that provides an overview of the function and mandate of policing in Canada, Constitutional rights and what they can expect in terms of services and during encounters with the police.

The video is presently available in two versions - with and without English subtitles. Future versions in several other languages are planned.

Chief Jeff McGuire says the NRP is incredibly proud to have been entrusted with the important project, and he couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

Jeff Burch the Executive Director of the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre and Southern Regional Director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Assisting Immigrants worked with police on the video.

He says it was a pleasure to work with local police to produce it and it will be an important resource for immigrants and refugees in Niagara.

The video can be viewed on YouTube by following the link below:  (with English subtitles)