Water safety statement from the NPCA

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority says the region has experienced unusually warm temperatures which has melted the majority of the existing snowpack.

And with as much as 10mm of rain forecast over the next few days, there's concern that will increase water levels and destabilize the ice.

Residents are urged to keep themselves, children and pets well away from streams and creeks as these watercourses and their associated ice conditions will be hazardous.   

Drivers are reminded there is an increased risk of water over roads and should not drive through any flooded roadway and be particularly careful at night.

Presently, the water levels in smaller water courses like 4 Mile Creek in Niagara-on-the-Lake and 12 Mile Creek in Pelham and Thorold have peaked and are beginning to recede.  

Larger watercourses like 20 Mile Creek and the Welland River are still on the rise but are not expected to reach critical levels.  

Because of the  snow melt, some localized flooding of areas that are typically flood prone is expected or occurring at this time.