We are in a time of anxiety and skepticism: PM in Niagara Falls

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Niagara Falls this morning speaking at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association National Conference.

Trudeau said he was happy to be back in Niagara and happy to be welcomed by one of the Liberals' "great regional MPs, Chris Bittle".

He spoke to the crowd at the Scotiabank Convention Centre about the importance of skilled-trade workers, and the dream of home ownership.

He said building homes is all about team work, from electricians to plumbers.

The PM says he wants to put home ownership back in people's reach because far too many families are worried they will never be able to buy a home.

He says it's a time of anxiety and skepticism and he understands Canadians are worried about their future, and their children's future.

He says the Liberal government is trying to find solutions by cutting taxes for the middle class, increasing the Canada Child Benefit, and helping students handle their debt load.

He says unemployment is at a 40-year low thanks to his party's efforts.

Trudeau says in the Liberal's latest budget they made several moves to make home ownership a reality.

He says in budget 2019, they increased withdrawal amounts from RRSP's, and created the first time buyer incentive program.

Trudeau will be in Milton for a dinner tonight.