Welland councillor wants to see inflatable water park in recreational canal

CKTB - NEWS - Inflatable Water Park

A Welland councillor is making a push for an inflatable water park in the recreational canal.

John Chiocchio would like to see a safe space for people to swim and enjoy the canal and will be bringing his idea for an inflatable water park to council for consideration.

"Does it have to be an inflatable? I like the idea. It could be. I've been talking with staff members in the last few days about maybe increasing our dock sizes and that sort of idea, but the inflatable thing - they're in the lake. If they can make it safe in the lake, they should be able to make it safe where we have nice, calm water."

Safety is a key concern for Chiocchio.

"We've come to that point where we really have to provide a safe area because people are going to swim. We can't monitor 11 km of waterway - it's impossible."

He says the inflatable could be put in anywhere along the canal.

A few years ago, Chiocchio also made an attempt to get a beach space along the canal, but council ultimately rejected the proposal.