Welland offering residents a rodent rebate program

Welland city officials are hoping residents take advantage of a new program that helps homeowners with a rodent problem.

The Residential Rodent Rebate Program is offering a maximum of $200 per residential property, per year.

That will help with the cost of enlisting the help of a licensed pest control expert.

There are four steps that must be followed to be eligible for the rebate:

1) Site Inspection by Welland By-law Officer

2) Property owner hires an authorized contractor and completes the application

3) Submit application and invoice

4) Application Review by city staff

Welland’s Supervisor of Traffic, Parking and By-Laws, Ali Khan, acknowledges that discovering a rodent problem on your property can be emotionally and financially stressful.

That’s why the city has allocated $25,000 towards the Residential Rodent Rebate Program.

Residents are urged to apply quickly as city staff predict many applications.

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