West Lincoln opens search for NPCA citizen representative

Politicians in West Lincoln are looking for a citizen representative for the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board.

Up until now, Mayor Dave Bylsma has been serving as Chair for the interim NPCA board brought in to tackle a host of governance issues at the conservation authority.

In the past, Bylsma has indicated he wanted to stay on.

West Lincoln Councillor William Reilly says council made the decision to look for a citizen rep to make sure all residents got a say.

"Before it was just appointed a mayor, and if the mayor opts out then it would kind of go down. We wanted to make sure West Lincoln also was a part of the democratic process of appointing a citizen, and then should the mayor be interested they could throw their hat in the ring and let the region decide later on who should actually represent us."

Reilly also says he put out a social media poll to gauge how the public felt they should be represented: 94% of 93 respondents voted for a citizen appointee.

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.