Wet weather continues to delay local crops

Don't be surprised to see the price of local produce increase this summer.

The wet weather has delayed planting, with some farmers yet to put a seed in the ground.

And for those who have, the plants are growing at half the rate they should be.

Dalhousie University professor, with the school's food analytics lab, Sylvain Charlebois says as a result, expect to pay more for produce.

He notes you probably won't see a change at the grocery store in prices but you may at the farmer's market, or at smaller stores.

Charlebois notes "the big chains are smart shoppers and if they can't really move tomatoes, cucumbers or lettuce, things that grow here, they're probably going to import some stuff that is going to be affordable for the consumer."

The ones taking the hit will be the farmers, and Charlebois says he knows some have already talked to their insurance companies.

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