What to do if you want to fly with pot

Don't take pot on international flights, that's the word from Canada's Transport Minister. 

Marc Garneau says Canadians travelling on domestic flights will be allowed to carry a small quantity of pot with them after October 17th. 

However, international flights are a different story. 

He warns against packing it in luggage that's destined outside the country, and the country's airport screening authority says it has yet to finalize procedures for dealing with passengers taking pot through security lines.

Canadians can bring up to 30 grams of marijuana with them once possession for personal use becomes legal on domestic flights. 

The minister warns, however, that international passengers must abide by the laws of their country of destination.

Transport Canada says taking cannabis, or products that contain pot, across the U.S. border remains illegal.

While several American states have legalized marijuana, possession of the drug is still illegal under U.S. federal law.