Widow of slain cop upset husband's killer was released without her knowledge

The widow of a Toronto police officer killed by a St. Catharines man, is in shock her husband's killer has been released from custody.

Christine Russell tells the Toronto Sun, she knew Richard Kachkar would be released someday from a pyschiatric hospital but she thought she would be told.

Russell says she just found out yesterday, Kachkar was released in April, and is living at a Mental Health Association apartment in Durham Region.

The St. Catharines man was charged with murder in 2011, but a jury later found him not criminally responsible for the death of Sgt Ryan Russell.

The officer died after Kachkar stole  a snow plow  and went on a joyride in Toronto before striking and killing the 35 year old father.

In an interview with the Sun,  Russell asks “What if I’m in Tim Hortons with my son? I could come face to face with him. I just think it’s appalling. He moved out in April and I’m only finding out about it now? Am I not part of this process?”