Wife of man charged at Pearson says IED in suitcase was in fact an alarm clock

Do you remember the 'major security breach' last week that kept passengers of a United Airlines flight grounded at Pearson?

There are some new details about the case today.

The wife of a 58 year old man who was taken into custody claims it was all a mistake that he was never carrying a mock improvised explosive device.

She says it was an alarm clock that didn't even look like a bomb, more like a robot.

She claims he told security at the airport before boarding the flight what was in his bag.

Joseph Galaska was charged with a count of mischief after the device was found the luggage in the pre-clearance area at Pearson.

 He was granted $5,000 bail on Friday, but still hasn't been released.

The flight bound for Chicago was held on the tarmac for four hours, during the investigation.