YUCK | Midge season has arrived in Niagara

It is officially midge season in Niagara.

Midges are a group of insects that include many kinds of small flies.

They are found in excess in Niagara right now as temperatures rise, but don't worry they don't bite even though they look a lot like mosquitoes.

Midges are commonly called Lake flies and form what looks like black clouds over trees, and near standing water.

The midges nest in water and are eaten by fish.

Once they hatch they are attracted to light.

The midges don't live for long.

Experts say the best way to reduce the swarming is to turn off the lights and clear any sitting water.

John Janssen from the school of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin will join CKTB's Larry Fedoruk this afternoon at 4:15 if you want to know more about the midges.