Jim Richards Showgram

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Hosted by the very funny Jim Richards. Jim takes a lighter look at the news of the day. The Showgram features live interviews with local newsmakers.

  • Apr 27 - Dumb Things Jim Has Done

    Here are a couple of the dumb things Jim has done recently.
  • Scavenger Hunt April 27

    Jim Richards- Scavenger Hunt Apr 27
  • Apr 26 - James McNally - Brooklyn Based Photographer

    Jim speaks with James McNally, Brooklyn based photographer who climbs on top of buildings and cranes to take photographs.
  • Scavenger Hunt April 26

    Jim Richards- Scavenger Hunt Apr 26
  • Apr 25 - Ask a Flight Attendant Anything

    Jim speaks with Adrienne a former flight attendant about what it's like being on the job.
  • Scavenger Hunt April 25

    Jim Richards- Scavenger Hunt Apr 25
  • Apr 24 - Fort McMurray One Year Later

    Jim speaks with Gail Hanifan who tells us about what it's like going back to Fort McMurray after losing everything.
  • Scavenger Hunt April 24

    Jim Richards- Scavenger Hunt Apr 24

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