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Hosted by the very funny Jim Richards. Jim takes a lighter look at the news of the day. The Showgram features live interviews with local newsmakers.

  • Aug 16 - Neo-Nazi from VICE documentary cries about jail & personal safety concerns

    Chris Cantwell is a white supremacist who was in Charlottesville, VA during the protests & terror attack, & was interviewed by VICE Media about his beliefs. Now, police have a warrant out for Chris' arrest, and he is terrified for his safety.
  • Aug 16 - Dr. Mike Leckie

    Jim speaks with Dr. Mike Leckie, from the Near North Medical Clinic in North Bay, who supports physician-assisted death, but cries every time he does it.
  • How immigrants discipline their kids

  • Scavenger Hunt - August 16

  • Scavenger Hunt - August 15

  • Aug 15 - What was it like to report as a radio station's morning man to report on Charlottesville Virginia?

    Jim speaks with Tom Morgan, Host of Morgan in the Morning on HitKicker Radio 99.7 AM from Charlottesville about what it was like to go on the air the day after the "Unite the Right" rally.
  • Aug 15 - Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    Jim speaks with Elle Reeve from Vice News about interviewing white supremacists.
  • Aug 14 - Michael "Cash" Pomer

    Jim speaks with former colleague Michael "Cash" Pomer about his life dealing with addiction and how he plans on staying sober.

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