The Larry Fedoruk Show

Not your typical talk show! Larry Fedoruk brings you stories from the community, pop culture, and entertainment with his unique perspective

  • Killer Nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer Sentenced-Ari Goldkind

    Larry speaks with the legal analyst and criminal lawyer about today's hearing.
  • No Male Genital Please-Women Only Spa In Hot Water

    Larry speaks with a York U. prof. specializing in gender and sexuality issues.
  • Canadian Woman Makes History Leading Queen's Guards at Buckingham Palace

    Larry speaks with a history prof. at the Royal Military College.
  • Soil Your Undies-Soil Conservation Council of Canada

    Larry speaks with the Council chair about this interesting soil project.
  • The 5 Things We Learned This Week-June 23/17

    Larry reviews the week's top news stories.
  • St. Catharines MP Chris Bittle

    Larry speaks with the MP about the past year and what's ahead.