Roger Daltrey: The Who's New Album Is Best Since 'Quadrophenia'


Roger Daltrey has said The Who has made its best album in 46 years.

“I think we’ve made our best album since Quadrophenia,” the singer said during a Q&A on Thursday.

Daltrey spoke about The Who’s forthcoming 12th studio album – its first since 2006’s Endless Wire.

“When I first heard the songs I was very skeptical as I didn’t think I could do it,” he recalled. “I thought Pete [Townshend] had written a really great solo album and I said to him, ‘Pete, what do you need to do this for? Release it as a solo album, it’s great.’ But he said he wanted it to be a Who album.

“So I took the songs away and I listened to them, and listened to them some more, and I had some ideas. He let me have a bit of freedom with changing a few things, changing the tenses of songs and other little things. And he gave me complete melodic freedom. And I gotta tell you that after being very skeptical I’m now incredibly optimistic.”

Daltrey credited his bandmate. “Pete hasn’t lost it,” he said. “He’s still a fabulous songwriter and he’s still got that cutting edge, man.”

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Last year, Townshend described the still-untitled album as a collection of “dark ballads, heavy rock stuff, experimental electronica, sampled stuff and clichéd Who-is tunes that began with a guitar that goes yanga-dang.”

The Who plays Toronto on Sept. 3 and Vancouver on Oct. 21.