Charmin Is Selling Large Rolls of Toilet Paper Called 'Forever Rolls'

Charmin is now selling comically big rolls of toilet paper that are supposed to last up to a MONTH per roll. They're called "Forever Rolls," and they come in two different sizes... a single-user version with 850 sheets, and a multi-user version that's 1,700 sheets per roll. A "regular" roll of Charmin has 77 sheets. So the multi-user one is like 22 of those.

They're so big, they don't fit on most dispensers. You have to buy a special holder. Or you can get one for free if you buy a starter kit. You can get a multi-user kit with three rolls and a stand for $30, or a single-user kit for $16.50. And you can save more money if you sign up for their subscription service, and have them auto-shipped.