VIDEO: Racist Woman at Denny's

Police are investigating after a woman at a Denny’s in Lethbridge, Alberta was caught on video shouting at other customers to “go back to their own" country and threatening to “leap across the table” and punch them. The woman, who has since lost her job at a B.C. car dealership after being identified, has apologized. It all went down on April 21st when Kelly Pocha and her husband were visiting Lethbridge. Kelly admits that she had been drinking, and that she and her husband went into the Denny's to grab something to eat late at night. She claims three men at the table behind them "started talking in their own language" behind her back, and claims the men were laughing at her and she believes, "making fun of her." Well, that’s all it took to set her off….. and when she started flipping out on the men who had immigrated from Afghanistan more than a decade ago, they decided to start recording.