Gross Things That We Do

Are you a clean person . . . a relatively clean person . . . or do you just live a filthy existence and love it?  A new online survey asked people these six questions about gross habits.  See how you do . . .

1.  Have you ever peed in the shower? 84% of people said yes. That includes 60% who do it at least once a week. 15% also said they've peed in a SINK at least once before. That's a guy thing, right?  Do women ever do that?

2.  Have you ever passed gas in an elevator? 53% said they've done it while they were alone in an elevator. 38% have done it with other people in there. And a very confident 3% said they do it all the time.

3.  How often do you wash your jeans?  60% said after two or three wears. 14% said every time they wear them. 25% said only when they're really dirty. 1% said never.

4.  Have you ever needed a shower, but you just put on a ton of perfume or cologne instead? 69% said yes, including 18% who do it often. 31% claim they never have.

5.  As an adult, have you ever picked your nose and eaten it? 25% said YES. And half of them said they STILL do it. 20% lied and said they never even pick their nose.

6.  How often do you use the bathroom and not wash your hands? 37% said they always wash their hands. 51% skip it sometimes.  And 12% said they RARELY wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Article courtesy of Buzzfeed