Kid Rock Running For Senate

A year ago, I would have said this was a joke. But now, who knows. Kid Rock posted a photo on Twitter yesterday of a campaign yard sign that says, 'Kid Rock for U.S. SENATE.'  And this might be REAL, people. He's talked about it before.  And back in February, his name supposedly got tossed around at a Republican Party convention in his home state of Michigan. Along with the photo, he wrote, "I have a ton of emails and texts asking if this website is real."  Then he linked to the site, and said, "The answer is an absolute YES." The website looks like it could be legit, but so far there's just some merchandise you can buy . . . a 'Kid Rock for U.S. Senate' shirt, hat, yard sign, and bumper sticker. If he is on the ballot next year, he'd be running against Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow.