Oprah for President in 2020

Up until recently, the talk of Oprah running for president was lumped in with other celebrities, like The Rock, Kanye West, and Mark Cuban... basically, it's a fun story, but it ain't gonna happen. But some people think Sunday was a bit of a watershed moment... when she delivered that stirring, empowering speech at the Golden Globes. And hashtags like '#Oprah2020' began trending heavily on social media.

CNN said that two anonymous "close friends" of Oprah's claim she's, quote, "actively thinking" about it.  One of them thinks she's been considering it for several months. Oprah's longtime partner Stedman Graham threw some fuel on the fire, too.  He was asked about it, and he said, quote, "It's up to the people. She would absolutely do it."

Interestingly enough, way back in 1999, Trump endorsed her as his future running mate. Trump said, quote, "If she'd do it, she'd be fantastic. She's popular, she's brilliant, she's a wonderful woman."

In any event, the Democratic field in 2020 is wide open... unlike in 2016, when the party basically anointed Hillary Clinton before the primaries even started.

We're assuming Oprah would be a Democrat, but there's no indication what her platform would be.  Although she probably couldn't go wrong with "You get a car!  You get a car!  You get a car!  Everybody gets a car!"