WATCH: Highlights of the Philadelphia Eagles' Parade

The Philadelphia Eagles had their victory parade yesterday, and it was definitely toned down from the riots in the streets after the game. But just because nobody ate horse poop, that doesn't mean Philly totally disappointed.

Here are a few highlights:

One Eagles fan flew up from Florida so that he could scatter his grandfather's ashes, from what looked like a zip-lock bag. It was a little like when Walter scatters Donny's ashes in "The Big Lebowski". That was actually a thing.....  Another guy took an urn with his dad's ashes to the parade, and another man said a family member brought his uncles ashes in a small vial to, quote, "spread out as they follow along."

Of the players, center Jason Kelce was probably having the most fun.  He was dressed like a Green Genie (it's a Philly thing) and he delivered an epic speech on the Art Museum steps. Check it out HERE

Coach Doug Pederson caught a beer ONE-HANDED during the parade.

Everyone knows about how they like to climb light poles in Philly by now . . . but there was also a woman who not only climbed the pole, but did it acrobatically, and also sat on top of it.  Others just climbed trees, and statues.


Fans were running across the tops of a row of Porta-Johns, which seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Fans started gathering at 4:00 A.M. yesterday morning, and there were a ton of people out. The city was reportedly expecting up to 2 million... but more than 3 Million showed up!