Popular Art Piece By Banksy On Display In Windsor-Essex

The Saving Banksy Canada Experience has made its way to Windsor-Essex.

Banksy is anonymous British graffiti artist and is known for a number of paintings including the "Haight Street Rat" painting.

The rat was painted on a hotel in San Francisco in 2010 but before it was painted over, an American art enthusiast made a deal with the hotel's owners for the piece.

That piece has been showcased around the world and is now on display at Wolf Head Distillery for the next three days.

Brian Grief is caretaker of the art piece. 

He feels the art work is very powerful.

"You look at it and it's a very simple image," says Grief.  "It's spray paint and stencil so it probably took him 10 minutes or less to actually paint it but the impact that it has on people, that it had on people on the wall in San Francisco, thousands of people came to see it, it was the talk of the city and since we have taken it down, you see the impact it has on people and the exhibits."       

There is documentary on Netflix called Saving Banksy.

In the documentary, Grief says he's been offered $700,000 for the art piece but has since been offered more than $1.7 million.

There are also 20 plus local art pieces on display at Wolf Head this week.

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